We’re moving!!

to Virginia!!.…for the summer! :)

Bjorn has army training (it’s called BOLC – Basic Officer Leaders Course) so we will be living on-post here at Fort Lee this summer!

We did the 21-hour drive in 2 long days, immediately after our school year ended. On Saturday, we drove from 6:30 am until 10 pm our time, and we were on the road again after a quick night’s sleep. It sure feels good to be done with all that driving – a road trip is fun, but there comes a point when you just want to arrive at your destination!!

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A quick note on what I consider to be ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS:

1. Your husband. ;) It’s always more fun to travel when you’re with your favorite person!

2. A good camera. You never know when you’ll come across a photo gem – something you want on paper someday, not just in your memory! I’m still working on my “quick-draw” skills…I’m still better at taking spur-of-the-moment pictures on my iPhone than on my camera…

3. A yummy Starbucks drink. My go-to summer drink: an iced vanilla chai!! I just love chai. Makes my day. (And is it any wonder that my favorite winter drink is simply a hot vanilla chai?!) :)

4. A good, NEW book. For this trip, I ordered several new books from Amazon. Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite authors, so I bought her newest Amish fiction novel. (I just love those too much, I think!)

5. A comfy pillow and blanket. I brought along the pillow for obvious comfort reasons…but it was the fleece-lined blanket that turned out to be a brilliant choice. Bjorn likes the car cooler than I do (even in the sun, I love snuggling under a blanket!), so this blanket was the perfect barrier for me as the A/C was blowing!

6. A bag/bin of snacks! I am one of those people who always needs food (think: hobbit lifestyle of 9 or so small meals per day, haha), so for this trip I packed a bag of granola bars and pretzel chips, along with a cooler of carrots, apples, cheese, and bottled water! Having food in the car with us prevented us from unnecessary stops – and unhealthy eating out! This may be obvious, but everyone feels better on a road trip when they’re eating healthy food, not fast food!!


The states we covered along the way made up quite a list: Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia…and now Virginia!

** These pictures are more impressive if you click on them so they zoom in!!





I’m excited that I get to be living here with my husband this summer! It will be fun to have this adventure together as pretty-much-newlyweds. :) We are also looking forward to weekend excursions in the area (or other states?!)! Are there any east coast tourism “have-to’s” that you know of?! Please comment below if you have any fun suggestions!!! Of course, being married to a history teacher, I already know we’ll be visiting a lot of major (and not-so-major?) battlefields. :)

I am already really enjoying Fort Lee. It is a beautiful area and we have a nice place in the army’s extended-stay lodging. This living situation almost reminds me of college – people close in age, all living near each other, walking around campus, with all the main buildings close by… My hope is that I can be productive while Bjorn is gone during the day, whether it’s reading or blogging or working on lesson plans for next year! I should be able to blog more frequently than during the school year (although we did have a minor hiccup with the Internet not working yesterday!) so I’m excited that I’ll be able to keep you updated!

Thanks for reading!

best love hannah bee jgp


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