What’s in my purse.

I don’t know about you, but I just love when people post pictures of the stuff they carry around with them every day – it’s such a fun, fresh look at what makes someone uniquely them! I’ve lovingly dubbed this type of post a “purse dump,” and today I’m excited to share mine! :) So, without further adieu, here’s what I consider to be my daily-life essentials! ;)

purse dump

1. Desert Essence Lip Rescue with Shea Butter – aka, the only chapstick my lips will tolerate. I’ve always had sensitive skin/lips, and this stuff works great for me! I buy it at natural food/health stores but you can also buy it HERE.

2. Pen – I always, ALWAYS need to have a writing utensil with me when I’m on the go! Whether it’s for writing my thoughts down on a restaurant napkin or for my husband to take notes on a Battlefield Site brochure, I just gotta have a pen handy! :)

3. Small Wallet – This is a new concept for me. I’ve battled with large (read: exploding) wallets for forever…and it was time for a change. I got this Calvin Klein gem from Marshalls last weekend, and I’m in love!! First of all, it’s a beautiful, ocean-y sky blue. Second, it’s got little slots and compartments to hold JUST what I need, no more. It really helps in my endeavor to downsize all the stuff I used to drag around with me. I literally was starting to get a sore shoulder from my old, over-stuffed purse. What? You mean I never needed all those ancient receipts and expired coupons anyway? Yeah. I’d say this was a good, good purchase. :)

4. Military ID – I finally got my own!! Now I can go around base by myself, purchase things…and well, do just about anything! And it’s pink! So cute!!

5. Kleenex – A tissue pack is a must!

6. Granola Bar – As much as I love everything in this purse, a snack just may be the most important item of all! I’m hungry like 80% of the time, and if I get caught without sustenance, I wilt. My best friend calls it “failure to thrive” – when you just kind of want to lay face down (regardless of you are at the moment) and succumb to overwhelmed-ness and basically just not function. :) For me, food is really truly tied to emotions. If I don’t eat, I get grumpy and overwhelmed and sad…and it always seems totally unexplainable as to why I’m a mess until someone asks me if I want food. Bjorn (bless his precious heart!) has learned to read the signs and even began to keep snacks for me in the glove compartment of his truck when we were dating. :) Long story short – be proactive by carrying your own snacks!

7. Pressed powder – All I can say about makeup is this: Clinique if you can!!! I don’t want to spend the money buying Clinique EVERYTHING, but there are some things I just love. This specifically is Clinique’s “Almost Powder Makeup.” I love Clinique because when you go to their makeup counters, you can tell that the women working there aren’t heavily “made up” – they all look naturally beautiful! That and Clinique actually carries a shade that matches my skin tone! (I’m light. Really light. We’ll put it that way.) No one wants to look orange-y. Thanks, Clinique!

8. Hand sanitizer – Best thing ever. Bjorn and I especially reach for it when we are at places like restaurants or the mall, or if we’re eating in the car.

9. Lip Color Balm – This is my new friend. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve got sensitive lips. I didn’t wear colored lip balms for the longest time! Clinique makes this amazing lip color balm that is NOT a lipstick and is NOT a sticky, shiny lip gloss! This stuff is called a “Chubby Stick.” I wore it for our engagement pictures in the color “Mighty Mimosa” and LOVED it! Still do. I wanted a more reddish shade too, so I recently bought the color “Two Ton Tomato.” It is so fun!!

10. Phone – Duh. I’m a little obsessive. I need it with me! :)

What do you carry around with you?? Anything I’ve got here? I’d love to hear your recommendations…or if we’re “twins”! :)

Happy Tuesday from 90-degree Virginia!

best love hannah bee jgp


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