{TAKE ME TO} Richmond’s Historical Sites

take me to richmonds sites

I’m a little late on this post because I’ve spent the past few days gallivanting all over the country! :) I flew back to MN on Thursday so I could celebrate two of my dear friends’ weddings! (Actually, the itinerary of the past 3 days was more like: flew to Atlanta, flew to Minneapolis, drove to southern MN, drove back to the cities, drove to Lakeville, drove to Sioux Falls SD, drove back to the cities. Lots of car time. Uffda! Totally worth it though.) :)

I’m missing my husband and trying not to get too newlywed-whiny about it, but I’m thrilled to have time with my college friends who I’ve really missed! And the cool breeze that accompanies Minnesota evenings, even on a hot summer day, is a fresh change of pace from Virginia’s humidity. My goofy hair is grateful. :) My friend Ariel got married yesterday (!!) and my friend Jenna is next weekend!! It’s almost too much excitement to handle! :) Weddings are such a joyful time so they always feel like one big happy reunion!

Before too many new adventures come our way, I wanted to share the trip Bjorn and I made to Richmond’s historical sites last weekend! We focused on the Civil War sites in the city, starting first at the Museum of the Confederacy and the White House of the Confederacy, with time spent at the Tredegar Ironworks and a visit to the Hollywood Cemetery. Although it wasn’t the most “romantic” location out of our honeymoon weekends, we enjoyed our special time together!!


^^ downtown Richmond ^^






^^ it might be the teacher in me (or just the sappy wife I am), but I just LOVE watching him love to learn! It’s contagious (except I feel like my brain could never hold all the information his does!!) ^^



^^ The man in the picture below is wearing this exact coat! ^^





^^ a Civil War era dress ^^


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^ our next stop was the Tredegar Ironworks – which was once the industrial heart of the Confederacy (according to their website). Many cannons were made at this location during/for the Civil War. ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


^^ I couldn’t get over how beautiful and rich-with-history this building was!! ^^







^^ Our final stop was the Hollywood Cemetery – a cemetery where a lot of Civil War figures are buried. ^^




^^ It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day to explore! The cemetery has so many winding roads cut into the rolling hills so we almost got lost! ^^


That’s it from last weekend!! Watch for wedding-y updates and other adventures coming soon! Have a happy Sunday evening. :)

best love hannah bee jgp


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