Eating | salads salads salads. Bjorn and I are on the biggest salad kick this summer…and we’re loving it! He is even less apt to get tired of them than I am!! Our salad staples: lettuce (duh, specifically a “spring mix”), grape tomatoes, steak strips for him and chicken strips for me, shredded cheese, and dressing: vinaigrette for him, ranch for this girl. :)

My friend Emily and I went on a lunch date to a cute place (“tea room”) in Excelsior called Antiquity Rose! Check out her blog post about it HERE! :)

Watching | The #LikeAGirl commercial that has gone viral. It brings tears to my eyes! What an honor and a privilege to teach young girls that who they are is capable and strong!


Also, the best wedding speech ever. This’ll make you cry too (but in a good way)!


Cooking | THIS recipe from an awesome blog, A Beautiful Mess. Southwestern Baked Eggs. So good.


^^ photo from A Beautiful Mess, see above link! ^^

Missing | my handsome husband. I’m eager to be with him in VA again.

Reminiscing | about the fact that I bought my wedding dress one whole year ago!! Oh, how time flies! It was the first one I tried on…and even though I tried on other dresses, none of them brought tears to our eyes like this one did. :’)

photo copy 2

Listening to | John Mayer. I’ve always loved him, but my dear friend had this song at her wedding, so it’s a new discovery for me – so perfect.


Feeling | Torn between different meanings of “home.” I’m “home” for the week at my parents’ here in Minnesota’s suburbs, but my home is where my husband is in Virginia…but our home is in southern MN.

Loving | this wedding season we’re in!! A good number of my college friends are/have been getting married, and it’s just been a blast celebrating this joyful time with everyone!!

I’m also loving time spent with my best friend while I’m here in the suburbs!! Between coffee dates and taking in “The Little Mermaid” at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, it’s been wonderful catching up with her!! She is such an encouragement to me.


^^ The roommates, all together again! :) I love them each so much. ^^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^ This girl is next!!! :) ^^

Seriously Enjoying | The Camp Patton blog written by a mom named Grace – specifically, her “Julia Styles” feature about her hysterically funny and precious daughter, Julia. I have never in my life seen such hilarious quotes from a toddler before. This is a day-maker.

I’ll give you a teaser so you’ll actually hop on over to her blog HERE:


>>>After she offered me a bite of her cookie but I declined because … lent …
Julia: what’s lent?
Grace: wellll …… terrible explanation ensues
Julia: (leans in and whispers) whispers, “well, I won’t tell Jesus if you have just one bite.”<<<

>>>During “nap time” from her locked (from the outside) quarters …
Julia: (yells) MOM!!!
Julia: (yells louder) MOM!!!!!!!!!
Julia: (and louder) MOMMMMYYYY!!!!!
Julia: (softly) sweetheart? are you out there?<<<


Reading | Amish fiction (not a surprise to anyone); also, “The Power of a Praying Wife.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Wearing | Maxi skirts (aka the cousin of socially acceptable yoga pants)!! May they never go out of style.

Oh, and these shoes. I’m so in love.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Needing | More sleep than usual lately, for some reason. Luckily it’s summer for this teacher so sleeping in till 8 is okay!

Anticipating | A few more “honeymoon weekends” before the focus shifts to next school year.

Thankful for | a 3 and a half hour chat with my student teaching supervisor from senior year of college! I left feeling so encouraged and hopeful – how wonderful to have the chance to catch up with her! I am so grateful for those in my life who have invested in me, and I hope to be that person of encouragement to someone else in the years to come!

What are you currently loving/thinking/recommending/baking?? I’d love to hear!! :)

best love hannah bee jgp


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