{TAKE ME TO} a Virginia berry farm

take me to a berry farm

Bjorn and I have just been LOVING these weekends together! It’s been a special chapter in our lives to have this “honeymoon” time. I don’t have too many weekends left in Virginia (but we’re not going to talk about that or I’ll get sad), so we’re trying to be intentional about fitting in a whole variety of outings!

If you’ve missed any of these weekend excursions, you can click on the “Travel” category (on the right side of the page), or check them out in chronological order here:

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We’ve recently realized that when we visit places Bjorn requests, we end up having an incredibly intellectual weekend. Which is awesome. And fun. And we learn so much (see previous {TAKE ME TO} links)! But when it’s more of a Hannah-designed itinerary, it’s a lot more…well, sensory? Aesthetically pleasing for sure. I love food, and nature, and calm, relaxing activities, and music, and more food!

Now, this weekend was definitely of the aesthetically-pleasing sort. :) No other way to put it. I loved every second – and I have to say, Bjorn really enjoyed himself too! We picked berries, went to an awesome lunch spot in Richmond, toured/tasted at a winery, and even threw in a date night!

But I just had to dedicate a whole post to the berry picking outing. Seriously. Going through and editing these pictures makes me want to go back right now!

I’ve really been hoping to find a pick-your-own peach orchard because I love peaches so much, but this blueberry farm just fit into our schedule and our map of the day better. :) The berry farm was a beautiful, quiet place. We had a blast just relaxing, goofing off together, and enjoying the beauty of nature. Berry picking comes highly recommended from the Olsons!

So without further adieu, here’s a peek into the hazy late morning we spent at Swift Creek Berry Farm!

blueberries 1

blueberries 2








blueberry 5




blueberry 3




Have you ever visited a pick-your-own farm?? I just fell in love…we’re totally up for any other pick-your-own recommendations!

best love hannah bee jgp

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