Don’t freak out ~ and other things I learned while planning my wedding {Part 3} | Printables Edition

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Since my goal is to make this feature as helpful as possible, today I’m excited to share some printables with you! Now, I know that your own wedding must be unique to you two, but I hope that these resources offer you great structure or a useful guideline as you plan! I’ve had a lot of guidance in developing these, and others have requested to use things like the wedding day timeline or my photographer shot list – so I hope this helps you!! Happy planning!

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A couple tips before we get to the printables:

(Gratefully) borrow whatever you can! This idea works especially well in regards to decorations and centerpieces. I really liked the idea of having several glass vases act as a centerpiece on each reception table…but I didn’t want to use up our whole wedding budget on glass vases! So, my mom and I did our research and called up several people we knew who had just had a wedding in their family. We ended up borrowing all of the glass vases we used…which was over 70 vases! Think of the money you could save if you ask around and borrow items from others!

img-thing copy

 ^^ This picture was what I used for centerpiece inspiration ^^

m_491 copy

m_490 copy

 Shop the sales. And if you’re shopping and didn’t plan around a sale, ask if there IS a sale. There often is. (I’ve learned this one from my parents.) I got my wedding dress on July 7th last year. I had no idea there was a sale – it was just the day when all my bridesmaids could make it! But it turned out, it was part of their “July 4th Sale” and that saved us a few hundred dollars!!


m_325 copy

I also saved up several coupons for…so when I designed and ordered our guestbook, its cost went from a hefty $60 to $12!!! :) And it turned out beautifully.

Another example: you can sometimes score a deal if you even book a vendor during a holiday. I did my first hair/makeup trial and paid my deposit around Valentine’s Day so that was discounted as a Valentine’s Day special! It was a surprise and a blessing to us!

m_640 copy

Pay for at least one dance lesson! Yes, for the two of you! Knowing what you’d like to do for your first dance helps a lot, and it gives your first dance a different feel than the typical “stand-and-sway.” Bjorn and I only did one lesson, but our instructor gave us a ton of guidance that we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves!! Even though it probably didn’t look all that dramatic, we felt so much more comfortable on our wedding day when it was time for our first dance. If you don’t want to pay for a lesson, at least practice the dance multiple times. That way, maybe you can throw in a couple fun twirls or something that shows your personalities!

Don’t burn bridges. It’s not worth it. If a relative or bridal party member calls you and has a suggestion that you think is truly outrageous, then say no. BUT…if it’s not that bad or not that important of a detail, consider it. See aforementioned point in {Part 1} about it not being your day to rule as queen. :) Your wedding is a covenantal celebration of two people and two families becoming one. Don’t let petty comments and preferences cause dumb arguments. Everyone involved truly wants the wedding to be special! No one is out to blatantly ruin your wedding. Therefore, at least respectfully consider others’ suggestions and hold your tongue when you want to give a sharp response.







Stay true to yourself. You don’t have to be like everyone else! Since Bjorn and I aren’t into the typical dance music as much, we opted to go the swing dance route!! We’re not swing dance experts but we sure wanted our guests to enjoy learning the steps and watching the live band. Since jazz band was basically my life in high school (bonus points if you can guess my instrument – not many can!), we hired a live 17-person swing band! The Red Rock Swing Band was absolutely phenomenal. Actually, part of me wants to go back and re-live that evening just so I can soak up their music without being distracted! The band and Rhett, the swing dance instructor we hired, ended up being one of the best parts of the evening by far!!


Other ways we personalized the day: we left in Bjorn’s cousin’s big black pickup truck! (I just love pickups and it was kind of an ode to the rural life I was beginning!) We also designed our own appetizers when we didn’t see exactly what we were hoping for. Bjorn and I love making caprese salad (tomatoes, mozzerella, basil) so we had the Arboretum make caprese kebabs for one of our appetizer choices!

Finally, as a segue into all these printables… I really like the idea of actually knowing what you’re eating – meaning, I wanted our guests to have a little menu on the table explaining what the meal was! We printed these out onto card stock and formed them into tri-fold menus – one per reception table! People really enjoyed the brief description of each dish. And hey, maybe I’ve just watched the Food Network a little too much but it just felt classy. ;)



Wedding Checklist & Timeline | 10 Month Engagement
EVERYTHING you need to do before your wedding! This is my ultimate wedding planning list – I literally combined every checklist/timeline I could find online and in magazines!! :) Please feel free to use this (and I always appreciate it if you link back to Just Bee). Enjoy!

Registry List
A kitchen/cooking-centered, but still fairly complete list of what to register for! This, like the timeline, is a compilation of multiple registry lists I found.

Wedding Photos Shot List
This is a pretty standard shot list. In my own super detailed photo shot list, I came up with virtually all combinations of our large family! Let me know if you need a crazier list like mine, and I’ll try to help you out. :)

Wedding Day Detailed Timeline
This timeline was crafted using my best friend’s wedding day timeline as a backbone…with some of our personal tweaks! If you know your wedding time, you can easily adjust this wedding day schedule accordingly! (I printed out small, more simplified copies of this schedule, along with a contact info sheet, and gave it to the wedding party/family/ushers at the rehearsal dinner!)


That’s it for now! Let me know if these tips or printables has helped you in any way – I’d be thrilled to know that your wedding planning craziness has been made a little easier. :)

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