Homemade bridesmaid cards.

I used homemade cards to ask 5 gals if they’d be my bridesmaids. These were an absolute blast to make, so I wanted to share this craft with you! :)

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(And they must’ve turned out okay because everyone said yes!) ;)

I’ll admit, I spent a lot of time on the cards. But it was summer and I had the time and the energy to focus on them. Sometimes you just get in a crafting craze…and these are the products of my craze this summer!


You’ll need:

– Scrapbooking paper in the color of your bridesmaid dresses

– Scrapbooking paper in the color of your bridesmaids’ hair

– A couple other colors of scrapbooking paper (just think of what you want your general wedding colors to be)

– A manila envelope you can cut up (or other cardstock to match skin color)

– A corner rounder tool (the orange thing in this picture) – mine’s from Michael’s

– Thick paper that you can fold into a card..or a blank card and envelope!

– Tape or Tacky Glue

– Fine-tip permanent marker

– Stick-on pearls (find these in a scrapbooking aisle)

Here’s how to make them:

1. Set up your crafting location! …And play calm music (I recommend a Gregory Alan Isakov Spotify station)…and maybe get a chai tea latte too. :)


2. Cut out the templates you want – a body, a dress shape, and also hair that shows off individual personalities. 

Try this great template:


DSMeeBee_Paper Doll Temp

I used this one for the hair templates.

Or this template:



I used the body template form this one..and the hair templates, too.

3. Start tracing the bodies all next to each other in a line on your skin-colored cardstock or manila folder. You want them to all be “holding hands,” because you’ll fold them back and forth later like those snowmen chains kids make. :)


4. Cut out the whole line of girls, making sure not to cut the hands apart.


You’ll have to make one row of bridesmaids for each card you’re making. (For example, you see 5 rows of girls here because I made 5 cards.)


5. Use the hair templates you chose to trace and cut out hair for each girl. Do this for each row of girls you just cut out.

If you have 5 bridesmaids, you’ll make 5 of each hairstyle for a total of 25 hairstyles when you finish!


6. Find the scrapbook paper you chose that is your bridesmaid dress color. Use your dress template to trace the total number of dresses you’ll need. (I needed 25 total.) 

You’ll see I penciled in “make longer!” on my dress template – you can tweak your templates however you want.



Everything all cut out and ready to assemble!

7. Fold each row of bridesmaids right at the line between their hands. Fold these back and forth in an accordion fold. 


8. Now, glue/tape hair onto the front girl in each set. The trick is to remember to make it a different girl in front each time, because you want each of your friends to open up the card and see themselves in front.


9. Glue the dresses on, making sure to lay the hair over the dress if need be. :)



A close-up

10. Type up or write each girl’s name on white paper. Turn these names into “belts.” :) 


You can see that this set was for Jordan’s card, because Jordan is the girl who is on the end. (So for this project, don’t keep the girls all in one specific order.)

11. Type up 2 inserts for each card.

The first is a “Here’s the Plan” slip of paper with general information about your wedding day.

The second is a personal “What’s My Role?” note. Tailor this to each of your friends. 

Cut these out after you print them. Use the corner rounder tool to make the corners look more elegant. :)

Overlay these on your “wedding colors” scrapbook paper, making a nice frame for each paper insert.

Use the corner rounder tool on this, too. :)


I blotted out my personal comments here, but make sure to be detailed and sincere in describing their role and why you want them with you on your big day!

12. Get each piece stacked and neat inside your blank card. I added “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the left. Make sure that the first girl your friend sees when she opens the card is her.

13. Add a simple smile and eyes to each girl. Don’t make it complicated by trying to draw a whole face. This is the cute little expression I put on each girl.


My “Here’s the Plan” sheet is overlaid on ivory paper, in front of my “What’s My Role?” sheet, which is overlaid on light brown paper.

14. I wanted to add a pearl bracelet to the first girl in each card, so I used those tiny pearl stickers to make a tiny cute bracelet on one hand of the front girl. :)


15. Finally, I stamped each girls’ name onto the bridesmaid dress color paper, to make a little label on the front of each card. I also added 2 little stick-on pearls in the corners…because they are so cute!! :)


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